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Real Estate Listings in Quebec

Real Estate in Quebec: cheaper than in Europe and the USA

Property Listings in QuebecThe price of Canadian real estate is growing steadily from year to year. Nevertheless, real estate in Canada is popular with foreign buyers. Despite the fact that Canada is one of the ten most powerful economic powers in the world, the price of housing there is more affordable than in the United States and Europe. In addition, the legislation does not restrict foreign buyers in the right to purchase real estate (with the exception of recreational areas).

Real Estate in Montreal

Quebec Real EstateMontreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. It has long earned the status of the "cultural capital of Canada", and experts from all over the world call it the most convenient place to live. The official language is French and many francophone companies have headquartered here. Montreal is also known for the worst roads in all of Canada - it is believed that this is the merit of local weather conditions. Low temperatures, winds and ice in the cold season spoil the road surface of the cultural capital. In autumn and spring, sunny days are often replaced by snow storms. Summer in Montreal is warm but sultry.

According to recent studies, a square meter of living space in downtown Montreal will cost the buyer $ 3,236, in a residential area - $ 2,250. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for an average of $ 550-780 per month, depending on the distance from the center. Monthly rent of housing with three bedrooms will cost $ 995-1,500.

Real Estate in Quebec

Real Estate in QuebecQuebec, or Quebec City, is the capital of the province of Quebec. It is called "Europe in America" ​​because it looks like a real medieval European city with its fortress. The main language here is French, which is the mother tongue of 95% of the population. Tourists and locals alike love Quebec for its large number of museums and theaters. The main money in the city's treasury is brought by the manufacturing industry, the tourism business, and the development of applied technologies. The Quebec climate is characterized by distinct seasons. Summers are usually hot with a maximum temperature of up to + 35 C °, and winters are cold with temperatures down to -30 C and heavy snowfalls.

Today, to become the owner of an apartment in the center of the "city of theaters", you will need to pay $ 2,328 per square meter. The same housing, but in a residential area will cost $ 1,520 per "square". Housing rental, depending on the usable area and location, will cost $ 490-970.

Legal aspects of buying and selling real estate in Quebec, Canada

The main advice given by Canadian realtors: do not buy into suspiciously cheap housing. The low cost of an apartment or townhouse is often explained by high utility costs for electricity, gas, and water. All transactions related to the purchase or sale of real estate in Canada are conducted by licensed law firms. The interests of the seller and the buyer are reliably protected by the laws of Canada. The risk of losing money or becoming a victim of fraud is almost zero.

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