Real Estate for Sale in Brossard, QC

Pros of Buying Real Estate in Brossard:

  1. Strategic Location: Brossard is strategically located on the South Shore of Montreal, offering easy access to the city. This proximity provides residents with the advantages of urban living, including employment opportunities, cultural events, dining options, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.

  2. Diverse Housing Options: Brossard offers a range of housing options to suit various budgets and preferences. From detached houses to townhouses, condos, and apartments, there is a wide selection of real estate available to accommodate different lifestyles and family sizes.

  3. Excellent Amenities and Infrastructure: Brossard boasts a well-developed infrastructure, with well-maintained roads, public transportation options, and essential services such as schools, healthcare facilities, parks, and recreational centers. Residents can enjoy convenient access to necessary amenities and services within the city.

  4. Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Brossard is known for its vibrant cultural scene and numerous recreational opportunities. The city hosts various festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, and sports events throughout the year. Residents can engage in diverse activities and explore the city's cultural richness.

  5. Natural Beauty and Green Spaces: Brossard is home to beautiful parks, green spaces, and the St. Lawrence River shoreline. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities, picnics, walking trails, and water sports. The city's commitment to preserving nature creates a pleasant and eco-friendly environment.

Cons of Buying Real Estate in Brossard:

  1. Cost of Housing: Brossard's proximity to Montreal and its desirable location can result in higher housing costs compared to other areas in Quebec. The real estate market in Brossard can be competitive, potentially making it more challenging to find affordable housing, especially in sought-after neighborhoods.

  2. Traffic Congestion: Brossard experiences traffic congestion, especially during peak hours and rush periods. Commuting to Montreal or other nearby areas can be time-consuming, and residents may need to factor in additional travel time for daily commutes or plan alternative transportation options.

  3. Limited Land Availability: Brossard's rapid development and urbanization have led to limited land availability for new construction. As a result, the housing market may be more focused on existing properties, making it more challenging to find new construction or large lots for custom-built homes.

  4. Language Considerations: Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking province, and while English is also spoken, knowledge of French can be advantageous for social and professional interactions. Non-French speakers may encounter some language barriers, particularly when dealing with local government services or certain businesses.

  5. Property Taxes: Quebec generally has higher property tax rates compared to other Canadian provinces. It is important to consider property tax obligations when budgeting for homeownership in Brossard, as they can have an impact on the overall cost of owning a property.

It is crucial to evaluate these pros and cons based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and long-term goals. Consider consulting with a real estate professional and conducting thorough research to make an informed decision when buying real estate in Brossard, Quebec, Canada.

Take a look at our list of Brossard property listings below:

#1-1400 Boul Rome, Brossard, QC

#1-1400 Boul Rome, Brossard, Quebec, J4W3A4

Beautiful and large UNIQUE concept Condo with an Area of ​​1418 SF '2 units converted into 1 in 2008' comprising 3 bedrooms, 1 office which can be used as a bedroom, 2 luxurious bathrooms, a large and superb kitchen with wood cabinets, Granite counter and a patio door leading to a large terrace. Loc ...

#1-4105 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, QC

#1-4105 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0H4

Great location! Impeccable condo close to all services, Dix30 & school in walking distance. Only 4 units in the building. Built in 2013, excellent maintenance, hard wood floor throughout, open concept living / dining room and kitchen on 1st floor, two sunny & good sized bedrooms, modern bathroom wit ...

#1-4205 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, QC

#1-4205 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0H4

WOW * Turnkey * 2 BEDROOM CONDO & DOUBLE BATHROOM * Spread over 3 floors * No neighbors above or below * Direct access to garages by your unit * Comfort & luxury in a prestigious environment within walking distance of QuartierDIX30 & Bus Stop * 9 foot Ceiling * Hardwood Flooring * Top of the line ki ...

#1-4355 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, QC

#1-4355 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0G1

BUY THIS PROPERTY, I BUY YOURS * For info or a quick visit, call me directly at 450-466-6000. Come visit now this beautiful condo located in a peaceful area where several services are nearby. * conditions apply.

#1-4375 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, QC

#1-4375 Rue Lenoir, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0Z9

Modern and superbly ajence townhouse style condos with 3 bedrooms, master bedroom bathroom, mezzanine and roof terrace. Central heating and air conditioning. A few minutes from Quartier DIX30. Garage possibility of 3 cars inside, warranty of the new house!

#1-4510 Rue De Lombardie, Brossard, QC

#1-4510 Rue De Lombardie, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0J7

Superb condo on two floors * Quartier 'L', quality construction 2013, 2 private entrances, direct access to the double garage, superb windows, many extras. Quartz countertops, central air conditioning / heating system, powder room and bathroom, open concept, 9 foot ceilings, only 4 units per buildin ...

#1-4525 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, QC

#1-4525 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0E5

Superb 1341 sq. ft corner unit located on the ground floor with indoor access to the private garage with a south-east orientation for an outstanding brightness all day long! Flawless engineering wood floors, wall mounted air conditioning, beautiful yard with exclusive use, additional parking space i ...

#1-4665 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, QC

#1-4665 Ch Des Prairies, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0E5

Located in the Parisian Village steps of the Quarter 10/30. Superb open concept condo on 2 floors with 3 bedrooms. Beautiful large windows, functional kitchen with lunch counter. Wood floors on main living level, 3 large bedrooms. Inground pool and 2 parking spaces. A must see!

#1-5315 Rue De Leslie, Brossard, QC

#1-5315 Rue De Leslie, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0N2

Magnificent condo on a AAA location near Quartier DIX30. The unit offers 2 spacious bedrooms, a private terrace and exterior parking. Impeccable fenestration bathes the space with natural light. Minutes away from bus 135 that brings you directly to downtown during rush hours. Ideal for a young famil ...

#1-5350 Place Piche, Brossard, QC

#1-5350 Place Piche, Brossard, Quebec, J4W2Z8

Become a homeowner for a monthly mortgage payment of less than $ 575 before nego with 5% mdf! Mail CHAMPLAIN 5 min., Terminus PANAMA in 8 min. walk. Magnificent 3-1 / 2 functional, renovated by a designer with the aim of maximizing storage space. Very bright. Sold semi-furnished. All you have to do ...

#1-5525 Av Albanie, Brossard, QC

#1-5525 Av Albanie, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z1G5

Condo to build, high quality, spacious 6 1/2 apartment with choice materials and up to date. Including parking, balcony and greenery. Located in a bustling neighborhood! Excellent location, next to schools, buses, services and also the future REM station. GST / QST must be added to the asking price

#1-5695 Rue Charpentier, Brossard, QC

#1-5695 Rue Charpentier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0L7

Condo for sale located in #1-5695 Rue Charpentier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0L7, Canada. This Condo has 1 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. For a more detailed description of this property, see the information below.

#1-5695 Rue Condor, Brossard, QC

#1-5695 Rue Condor, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0A5

Super turnkey! Magnificent condo with garage. Located in a prestigious area. Superb view, abundant luminosity. This open concept condo will charm you. Request a visit.

#1-5705 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, QC

#1-5705 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Y0G5

Very nice terrace level condo located in a new neighborhood a few minutes from the Dix30 and the Chevrier incentive parking lot. Large spacious and bright rooms. Kitchen with lots of storage. Walk-in in master bedroom, Bathroom with separate shower. 1 Parking and 1 exterior storage.

#1-5745 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, QC

#1-5745 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0G5

2 terraces, 2 parking lots, lots of lawn space. Rare condo with distant neighbors, open concept with lots of windows. Many cupboards in the kitchen, storage in the unit and outside. Close to highways, public transport, a park with water games, a cycle path, the Dix / 30 and the incentive park! See!

#1-5765 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, QC

#1-5765 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0G5

Open concept terrace level with 2 large bedrooms, private back patio, storage and 1 parking space. Located less than 3 min. walk from the Brossard / Chevrier bus stop. This will take you downtown in 20 min. DIX30 neighborhood nearby for cinema, restaurants and shops ... Currently rented at $ 1025 / ...

#1-5785 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, QC

#1-5785 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0G5

* NEW ON THE MARKET * Beautiful turnkey condo, open concept, 2 bedroom so The master bedroom has a large walk in, 2 outdoor parking spaces, BBQ terrace with outdoor storage space with key, located a few steps from the terminus Chevrier, very close to Quartier dix30 Very nice opportunity! Who is feel ...

#1-5810 Rue Chevalier, Brossard, QC

#1-5810 Rue Chevalier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0E7

Condo for sale located in #1-5810 Rue Chevalier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0E7, Canada. This Condo has 1 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. For a more detailed description of this property, see the information below.

#1-5820 Rue Corneille, Brossard, QC

#1-5820 Rue Corneille, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0K5

Superb unit leaving natural light in. Large open air space. Good size bedrooms including a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Bathroom with separate shower and built-in bath. Located on a peaceful street. 5 minutes from dix30 and 2 minutes from the chevrier terminus. Nearly all services. A visit ...

#1-6045 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, QC

#1-6045 Boul Chevrier, Brossard, Quebec, J4Z0C6

Nice corner condo located on * CHRISTOPHE * street at garden level With 2 Terraces. 2 Bedrooms. Beautiful kitchen with caramel-colored melamine cabinets. In very good condition. 2 outdoor parking spaces. 5 minutes walk from Terminus Chevrier. Private terrace with cedar hedge. NB The condo is not loc ...

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