Real Estate for Sale in Quebec City, QC

Pros of Buying Real Estate in Quebec City:

  1. Rich History and Culture: Quebec City is known for its rich history and distinct European charm. The city's UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Quebec, showcases beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and a vibrant cultural scene. Residents can enjoy a unique blend of North American and European influences.

  2. Strong Sense of Community: Quebec City has a close-knit community and a welcoming atmosphere. The city's smaller size fosters a sense of belonging, making it easier to connect with neighbors and participate in community events and activities.

  3. Lower Cost of Living: Compared to other major Canadian cities, the cost of living in Quebec City is generally lower. Housing prices, daily expenses, and services can be more affordable, allowing residents to enjoy a good quality of life while potentially saving on living expenses.

  4. Access to Nature: Quebec City is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including nearby national parks, forests, and the St. Lawrence River. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore hiking trails, engage in water sports, and experience the region's stunning landscapes.

  5. Education and Healthcare: Quebec City is home to several reputable universities, colleges, and research institutions. The city also offers quality healthcare services, with renowned hospitals and medical facilities. Residents have access to excellent education and healthcare options.

Cons of Buying Real Estate in Quebec City:

  1. Limited Job Market: While Quebec City offers employment opportunities across various sectors, the job market may be more limited compared to larger urban centers. Some individuals may need to commute to Montreal or explore opportunities in neighboring areas for specific industries or higher-paying positions.

  2. Harsh Winters: Quebec City experiences long and cold winters with significant snowfall. Individuals who prefer milder climates or are not accustomed to harsh winter conditions may find the weather challenging.

  3. Language Considerations: French is the predominant language in Quebec City, and knowledge of French is essential for daily interactions, employment prospects, and integration into the local community. Non-French speakers may face language barriers in certain situations.

  4. Traffic Congestion: While not as pronounced as in larger cities, Quebec City can experience traffic congestion during peak hours. Residents should consider the potential impact on commuting and travel times, as well as alternate transportation options.

  5. Limited Cultural Diversity: Compared to more cosmopolitan cities, Quebec City may have limited cultural diversity. Individuals seeking a broader range of cultural experiences or specific ethnic communities may find the cultural offerings more focused on the local Quebecois culture.

When considering purchasing real estate in Quebec City, it's essential to evaluate these pros and cons based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and long-term goals. Conduct thorough research, consult with a local real estate professional, and visit the area to gather more information and make an informed decision.

Take a look at our list of Quebec City property listings below:

#004-2071 Ch St-Louis, Quebec City, QC

#004-2071 Ch St-Louis, Quebec City, Quebec, G1T1P5

Domaine BENMORE, unique location in the heart of Sillery! Only 16 units. High quality construction. 2 BR, 2 full baths. Nice floor plan. South exposure offering a seasonal view on St-Lawrence river. Located on the ground floor, additional to your main entrance, enjoy a 2nd access by the outdoor pati ...

#02-5892 Boul St-Jacques, Quebec City, QC

#02-5892 Boul St-Jacques, Quebec City, Quebec, G1N1N1

Les Rivieres - Lebourgneuf. Rare on the market: Townhouse with land in exclusive use. Double garage in the basement with access under huge terrace of 20 x 23 with integrated shed! Family room, 2 or 3 bedrooms upstairs, 9 'ceiling on the ground floor, granite counter, glass and ceramic shower, stone ...

#03-2516 Av Charles-De Foucauld, Quebec City, QC

#03-2516 Av Charles-De Foucauld, Quebec City, Quebec, G1E0G7

DEAL! Large condo on 2 floors. Construction 2013. Balcony with panoramic view of the city and the river. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 shower room. 1 storage space. Close to services and the highway. Free immediately. MAKE YOUR OFFER!

#1-1035 Av Du Parc, Quebec City, QC

#1-1035 Av Du Parc, Quebec City, Quebec, G1S2W4

Magnificent divided condo in Montcalm, large sunny rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 large balconies (1 to the east), perfect for enjoying the sun at the end of the day. Ceiling of 9p. Keeps its character while being turnkey. Renovated kitchen and bathroom. Lots of storage, master bedroom with walk-in closet. 5 ...

#1-1061 Rue Degypte, Quebec City, QC

#1-1061 Rue Degypte, Quebec City, Quebec, G3K2B7

Here is a bright condo on 2 floors offering 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fireplace, a balcony, 2 parking lots and a large outdoor storage. Stay at a very affordable price. Area close to all services. You will like it!

#1-107 Rue Gerard-Morisset, Quebec City, QC

#1-107 Rue Gerard-Morisset, Quebec City, Quebec, G1S4V5

HOLY SACRAMENT! Current condo in a superb environment! Two large bedrooms, walk-in closet, engineered wood floors, large renovated bathroom, beautiful light, friendly kitchen, large living space, storage and parking! Access included to the sports center (gym, swimming pool, spa)! Good price, very ni ...

#1-1111 Av Brown, Quebec City, QC

#1-1111 Av Brown, Quebec City, Quebec, G1S3A1

Located in Montcalm near the plains, here is a magnificent condominium located on the ground floor. Huge living room that can be used as living room and dining room. Hardwood floors, 1 large bedroom, kitchen with granite counter, 1 outdoor parking, magnificent grassy yard. Co-ownership fees included ...

#1-146 Rue Richelieu, Quebec City, QC

#1-146 Rue Richelieu, Quebec City, Quebec, G1R1J5

FREE NOW Treat yourself to neighborhood life within walking distance of everything. Condo located on the ground floor offering 3 bedrooms with exclusive use of a small courtyard Kitchen with lots of storage which is annexed to the living room and dining room as open areas. * The price includes taxes ...

#1-1740 Boul Pere-Lelievre, Quebec City, QC

#1-1740 Boul Pere-Lelievre, Quebec City, Quebec, G1M3J6

Beautiful condo located near all services and riverside trails. St-Charles, 10 minutes from downtown by bus, including 2 beautiful bedrooms, kitchen with island, very bright living room with patio door, wood fireplace, inground heated pool, why rent 'buy at this price!

#1-18 Av Ste-Julienne, Quebec City, QC

#1-18 Av Ste-Julienne, Quebec City, Quebec, G1E5C1

Completely RENOVATED kitchen, dining room and living room! New floors and marble backsplash in the kitchen. This magnificent TURNKEY condo offers 2 large bedrooms, 1 interior and 1 exterior storage, 1 parking space. Excellent location, close to all services! The Municipal Assessment does not take in ...

#1-208 Rue Louis-Ix, Quebec City, QC

#1-208 Rue Louis-Ix, Quebec City, Quebec, G2B1L4

Loretteville, perfect for a young family, rare at this price, area of ​​over 1367 sf on 2 floors with 3 bedrooms, the kitchen has a lunch counter, lots of storage, 2 full bathrooms, workshop, access to a private terrace, 1 parking possibility to rent another. Well managed co-ownership. Quick take-ov ...

#1-21 Rue Mont-Carmel, Quebec City, QC

#1-21 Rue Mont-Carmel, Quebec City, Quebec, G1R4A5

WHO IS FEELING LUCKY! Vieux Quebec, a stone's throw from the Chateau Frontenac with a view of the Dufferin Terrace. Superb undivided co-ownership completely renovated in 2013. Original stone wall, exposed beams, 2 bedrooms. Possibility of selling fully furnished and equipped. Ideal for a pied a terr ...

#1-2245 Av Du Mont-Thabor, Quebec City, QC

#1-2245 Av Du Mont-Thabor, Quebec City, Quebec, G1J3W6

Divided 1 bedroom condo, in the semi-basement, Maizerets district near the Enfant-Jesus Hospital. Sold without warranty at the risk and peril of the buyer / Seller's annex required with any offer / Deposit $ 1000 / ALLOW 7 working days for all offers submitted / Brokers and buyers read addendum. Cal ...

#1-2245 Rue Bacqueville, Quebec City, QC

#1-2245 Rue Bacqueville, Quebec City, Quebec, G1P1P3

Large undivided condo located on the garden level in conversion for a divided condo, close to all services. Large generous rooms tastefully decorated, 3 bedrooms + family room in basement. Lots of renovations done: roof / windows 2017, basement / balconies 2018. Already included in condo fees: munic ...

#1-2330 Boul Ste-Anne, Quebec City, QC

#1-2330 Boul Ste-Anne, Quebec City, Quebec, G1J1Y3

CONDO divided of 1057 sf, 3 bedrooms, open areas, floating floor and ceramic. Sector in full development: new federal government building, future CNESST site. On foot, by bike, you are close to everything.

#1-245 Av Gauvin, Quebec City, QC

#1-245 Av Gauvin, Quebec City, Quebec, G1M1Y6

FREE now, $ 8000 under municipal evaluation. Top floor condo, 3 clear sides, new windows, 300sqft storage. Very well located, in a strategic area: main arteries, bus, park, pharmacy, restaurants, grocery stores. 1st purchase / student / pied a terre. MAKE rent payments as a homeowner. Common costs n ...

#1-25 Rue Ferland, Quebec City, QC

#1-25 Rue Ferland, Quebec City, Quebec, G1R4K4

Condo for sale located in #1-25 Rue Ferland, Quebec City, Quebec, G1R4K4, Canada. This Condo has 1 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. For a more detailed description of this property, see the information below.

#1-2526 Boul Louis-Xiv, Quebec City, QC

#1-2526 Boul Louis-Xiv, Quebec City, Quebec, G1C1B5

Impeccable and bright condo 4 on the ground floor of recent construction. 1089 sf, open concept and large rooms. Two parking lots directly in front of the unit. Large terrace to the south, private, bordered by a hedge and reserved for the owner. Located in a peaceful area, close to services. A must ...

#1-276 Rue Caron, Quebec City, QC

#1-276 Rue Caron, Quebec City, Quebec, G1K5V9

In St-Roch, charming undivided condo. 2 bedrooms, washer / dryer entry, renovated kitchen and bathroom. Roof and windows recently replaced. Exclusive access to the backyard. Close to services and public transport. Taking possession July 2017.

#1-2810 Av Bergemont, Quebec City, QC

#1-2810 Av Bergemont, Quebec City, Quebec, G1J3T7

Superb condo, ground floor. Very well located, good construction, well maintained and well managed. With terrace and awning, open areas, beautiful 2-bedroom divisions, beautiful sizes. Close to services. 10 condo building - west orientation. Roof and recent balconies.

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