Real Estate for Sale in Saint-Jerome, QC

Pros of Buying Real Estate in Saint-Jérôme:

  1. Natural Beauty: Saint-Jérôme is located in the picturesque Laurentian region, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, mountains, and forests. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and biking, with several nearby parks and nature trails to explore.

  2. Affordable Housing: Saint-Jérôme generally offers more affordable housing options compared to larger urban centers like Montreal. Homebuyers can find a variety of properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums, at relatively lower prices.

  3. Proximity to Nature and Recreational Opportunities: With its proximity to the Laurentians, Saint-Jérôme offers residents easy access to year-round outdoor recreational activities. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to swimming, hiking, and cycling in the summer, nature enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of activities.

  4. Bilingual Environment: While French is the predominant language in Quebec, Saint-Jérôme has a relatively higher percentage of bilingual residents who speak both French and English. This can be advantageous for individuals seeking a bilingual or multicultural environment.

  5. Cultural and Artistic Scene: Saint-Jérôme has a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, with several art galleries, theaters, and cultural events. The city hosts festivals, exhibitions, and concerts throughout the year, showcasing local talent and attracting artists from various disciplines.

Cons of Buying Real Estate in Saint-Jérôme:

  1. Limited Job Market: While Saint-Jérôme offers employment opportunities across various sectors, the job market may be more limited compared to larger urban centers. Some individuals may need to commute to Montreal or explore job prospects in neighboring areas.

  2. Distance from Major Cities: Saint-Jérôme is located approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles) north of Montreal. While it offers a quieter suburban lifestyle, accessing certain amenities, specialized services, or specific cultural experiences may require traveling to larger urban centers.

  3. Traffic Congestion: Commuting between Saint-Jérôme and Montreal can involve dealing with traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. Residents should consider potential traffic delays and plan their daily routines and travel accordingly.

  4. Language Considerations: French is the predominant language in Saint-Jérôme, and knowledge of French is important for daily interactions and integration into the local community. Non-French speakers may face language barriers in certain situations.

  5. Limited Cultural Diversity: Saint-Jérôme has a smaller population compared to larger cities, resulting in a more limited range of cultural diversity. Individuals seeking a broader range of cultural experiences and ethnic communities may find the cultural offerings more focused on the local Quebecois culture.

Take a look at our list of Saint-Jerome property listings below:

#001-507 Rue Castonguay, Saint-Jerome, QC

#001-507 Rue Castonguay, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0K6

Superb contemporary style condo offering both luxury and comfort! You will appreciate this 2 bedroom apartment with elevator, natural gas heating, central air conditioning, gas fireplace, modern kitchen with large 8 'island, spacious and very bright rooms. Ideally located, close to everything! TURNK ...

#008-467 Rue Castonguay, Saint-Jerome, QC

#008-467 Rue Castonguay, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0G2

2016. Modern unit with open concept rooms. Large windows and large 8 foot patio door. 2 bedrooms. Large bathroom. 2-sided gas fireplace. Very low cost. ($ 700 / year gas, $ 400 / year electricity) Windows do NOT face the parking lot and the view is unobstructed in the distance. The photos testify to ...

#01-340 Rue Cherrier, Saint-Jerome, QC

#01-340 Rue Cherrier, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z2L9

Condo for sale located in #01-340 Rue Cherrier, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z2L9, Canada. This Condo has 1 bathrooms and 1 bedrooms. For a more detailed description of this property, see the information below.

#02-330 Rue De Ste-Lucie, Saint-Jerome, QC

#02-330 Rue De Ste-Lucie, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z2N6

Impeccable luxury condo located two minutes walk from the train and bike path. Large terrace. The luxurious kitchen offers magnificent granite counters, sale without legal warranty at the risk and peril of the buyer

#1-181 Rue Blanchard, Saint-Jerome, QC

#1-181 Rue Blanchard, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0B4

SUPERB! Large open concept condo of 1350 sf! Research area, direct access to highway 15 and to the 'smart center'. Bright rooms, kitchen with large central island and good-sized dining room, closed entrance hall. Master bedroom with double closet, laundry room with lots of storage. 9 foot ceiling! B ...

#1-2210 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, QC

#1-2210 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0A2

Located on the ground floor, this unit offers you several additions: heated floors in the kitchen and bathroom, natural gas fireplace, wall mounted air conditioning, large covered terrace at the back with view of the wooded area (very intimate ), and more! TURNKEY!

#1-2287 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, QC

#1-2287 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y5H8

Magnificent condo unit including 2 bedrooms-Open air style-Large windows-Spacious rooms-Heated floor in the bathroom-9 feet ceiling-Beautiful fireplace in the living room

#1-255 Rue Blanchard, Saint-Jerome, QC

#1-255 Rue Blanchard, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0B4

TURNKEY! Beautiful open concept condo located near everything, everything! Large storage located in the apartment and with 2 access doors, it could even serve as a small office. Large bathroom with a large bath and separate shower. Well maintained and very clean! At this price, you couldn't ask for ...

#1-780 Rue Belanger, Saint-Jerome, QC

#1-780 Rue Belanger, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z7M6

Modern and practical condo! A unique concept in the region. Spa, gym and heated outdoor inground pool. Unit on 2 floors, open concept main floor, gas fireplace, 2 bedrooms, exterior storage ... Located near all services and Highway 15.

#10-380 Rue Cherrier, Saint-Jerome, QC

#10-380 Rue Cherrier, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z2L9

Now, why RENT at this price, you have to see and analyze your situation, located in a cul de sac, tranquility, proximity, turnkey, and it is marked by a quartz counter in the kitchen ...! Easy to visit, price below the paid price, TRANSFER, it's your turn to have the opportunity

#101-2227 Rue Schulz, Saint-Jerome, QC

#101-2227 Rue Schulz, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7J0C8

OPPORTUNITY * Impeccable condo with great luminosity of 2 bedrooms, bathroom with large bath and separate shower, large terrace, 2 parking lots, in a building of construction 2012 extremely well maintained. Ideal for a young couple, retired or single person. A must see. A simple visit will convince ...

#101-234 Rue Ouimet, Saint-Jerome, QC

#101-234 Rue Ouimet, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z1R7

$ 19, 300 AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EVALUATION. An opportunity to be seized, Large area 1113 SF. Not comparable on the market at this price. Located near all services: CEGEP, downtown, restaurant, grocery store, hospital, train, etc. REALLY cheaper than rent Lots of kitchen cabinets with large counter Ve ...

#101-431 Rue Rochon, Saint-Jerome, QC

#101-431 Rue Rochon, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y3Z7

* CHEAPER THAN A RENT * Magnificent condo located in the heart of St-Jerome near services and highway 15. Very affordable price ideal for a couple or a single person. To have!

#101-725 Rue Filion, Saint-Jerome, QC

#101-725 Rue Filion, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z5X1

Magnificent open concept condo unit located in the homogeneous Le Boise du Parc neighborhood. Strategically positioned, this 2013 construction will have something to amaze you. Its proximity to sports facilities and the St-Jerome high school make it a must. A visit is essential! * Read addendum *.

#101-742 Rue Belanger, Saint-Jerome, QC

#101-742 Rue Belanger, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Z1A5

Sector sought for its proximity to the 117 and 15 and all the services in addition to being family and safe. Everything for your comfort: gas fireplace, lots of storage inside in addition to an outdoor shed, 2 parking spaces. At the foot of the Petit train du Nord linear track. BELOW THE MUNICIPAL E ...

#102-180 Rue Deschambault, Saint-Jerome, QC

#102-180 Rue Deschambault, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0B1

Nice condo located in a strategic area of ​​St-Jerome, near highways, park and bike path and all amenities. High quality, maximum soundproofing, 9 ft ceiling, open concept, gas fireplace, air conditioning, ogee-type moldings, private terrace, functional kitchen and bathroom with podium bath and sepa ...

#102-2270 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, QC

#102-2270 Rue Isaac-Jogues, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0A2

Superb condo located on the ground floor, large private terrace, good size rooms, open concept, lots of storage (including outside storage), walk-in closet in the master bedroom, gas fireplace in the living room.

#102-2460 Boul Lafontaine, Saint-Jerome, QC

#102-2460 Boul Lafontaine, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y5L2

PRICE BELOW MUNICIPAL EVALUTION! Superb condo on the terrace level well lit with heated garage and outdoor parking. High quality ceramic heated floors. Building removed from the boulevard for more peace and security! Price for quick sale! Customer motivates! It is absolutely necessary to see!

#102-360 Rue Du Macon, Saint-Jerome, QC

#102-360 Rue Du Macon, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7J0G7

Beautiful and spacious open concept 2 bedroom condo located on the garden level. Terrace, very functional kitchen, granite lunch counter with sink, abundant windows, 9 foot ceiling, gas fireplace, wall-mounted heat pump, large storage space, elevator, many extras added. Located near services. TO HAV ...

#102-380 Rue Du Macon, Saint-Jerome, QC

#102-380 Rue Du Macon, Saint-Jerome, Quebec, J7Y0H4

Immediate occupancy * Magnificent modern semi-furnished open concept condo. Ideal for single person, young couple, elderly person, equipped with an elevator, having an immense luminosity thanks to its abundant fenestration and beautiful space which will charm you from the first attempt. Also equippe ...

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